Tweaked food truck competition returns this summer

The Springfield Rotary Club has announced the return of the Gourmet Food Truck Competition, but is working to solve problems that resulted from the unanticipated success of last year’s initial event, writes Kate Norman in a recent Springfield News-Sun article.

Last year’s event drew thousands more than the expected 5,000 people and brought in $25,000-$30,000 for the Rotary Club’s charities, however, the large number of people in Veteran’s Park caused problems with overcrowding, lack of parking and early depletion of the food supply.

The Rotary learned from last year and will take those problems into consideration for this year’s event, said Eddie Bell, one of the event’s key organizers.

Key highlights of areas of improvement organizers are working on include:

  • Crowd control (spreading out the food trucks and most likely moving them to just one side of the road to prevent congestion)
  • Parking solutions (spreading out the parking and providing buses to shuttle people to and from the parking areas)
  • Keeping food trucks from running out of supplies early (additional storage/refrigeration for trucks)

Read Kate Norman’s complete Springfield News-Sun article about the 2015 competition.


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