Food Truck Profile: Wicked Hickory

Wicked Hickory, a food truck vendor from Newport, Kentucky has signed up to be a featured food truck at the Fourth Annual Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August. This is the second year Wicked Hickory will compete in the competition. Learn more about Wicked Hickory below.


Name: Wicked Hickory


Location: Newport, Kentucky

About: We serve a “build your own” style of barbecue smoked meats. We offer brisket, pork, lamb, and chicken. We recently added char grilled kale as a vegetarian option. There are three steps to our menu:

Step one, choose your meat (brisket, pork, chicken, lamb, or kale)

Step two, choose your style (bun, tacos, bowl, pita, nachos).

Step three, choose your topping (6 topping options including 4 different types of coleslaw).

We also offer our Wicked Mac & Cheese and a crowd favorite, Brisket Mac & Cheese. Lastly, we have 5 self-serve styles of barbecue sauces. We don’t pre-sauce or “hide” our meat.


Facebook: Wicked Hickory

Twitter: @wickedhickory


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