Food Truck Profile: Pizza Fixation

Pizza Fixation, a food truck vendor from Zanesfield, Ohio has signed up to be a featured food truck at the Sixth Annual Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August. This is the first year Pizza Fixation will be participating in the competition. Learn more about Pizza Fixation below.

Pizza Fixation.jpg

Name: Pizza Fixation

Location: Zanesfield, Ohio

About: Pizza Fixation is a mobile wood-fired pizza catering operation that makes artisan style wood-fired pizzas that bake in about 3 minutes right in front of you. You’ll see the fire burning, hear the crackling, and smell the hardwood smoke and we hand-stretch and bake the pizza as you watch. Our pizza “fundamentals” all come from family owned companies – the sauce is made from fresh-packed California tomatoes, we use only the finest Wisconsin cheeses, and pepperoni made in Columbus, OH.


Facebook: @pizzafixation

Twitter: N/A

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