Food Truck Profile: Red Sesame

Red Sesame, a food truck vendor from Cincinnati, Ohio has signed up to be a featured food truck at the Sixth Annual Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August. This is the first year Red Sesame will be participating in the competition. Learn more about Red Sesame below.

Red Sesame

Name: Red Sesame

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

About: Born in 2012 as a food truck, Red Sesame brings unique flavors to the table for an unforgettable experience in Modern Korean BBQ. Our food is a carefully crafted blend of the traditional flavors of Korean cuisine with the well-established culinary traditions of Mexican dishes to create a unique experience for your taste buds.

We’re proud to say all of our food is made fresh from scratch. However, the real secret to
what makes our food so memorable is our Korean inspired marinades and sauces we’ve
spent months meticulously refining to perfection.


Facebook: @redsesamefoodtruck

Twitter: @redssm2012

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