A Good Reason to Be Crab[by]

12465784_936038033152895_9100925048622880456_oA firefighter and his wife’s unique retirement plan flourished into what food lovers know as Firehouse Crabballs, LLC. Tommy Gibson and Charlotte Baker reside in Maryland and have been running the gourmet food truck since 2012. As for the namesake of the truck, the crabballs, are a creation by Steve Hauck. Tommy had the privilege of working with him at the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in Prince Georges County, Maryland, where he is a lifetime member. While the truck might be named after the crabballs, Charolette says it is a toss-up between the crabballs, crab cakes and crab for the most popular items on the menu. 


With Tommy a former firefighter and Charlotte working in education for 35 years, they didn’t know much about owning a food truck. Charlotte jokes they, “learned [how to run their business] in our travels by our bootstraps kind-of-thing.” 


The Firehouse Crabballs, LLC is different than other food trucks for more reasons than their unique menu. Tommy and Charolotte pride themselves on customer service and the quality of the food they serve. 


Firehouse Crabballs, LLC has been coming to the Springfield Rotary Food Truck Competition since the inaugural event six years ago and is always a fan favorite. Charolette jokes they keep coming back because “we want to win.” However, they also look forward to taking on the adventure to Ohio and meeting up with old friends in the area. 


“People will be lined up for their truck at the Rotary Food Truck Competition before 11 a.m.,” said Adam Bennett, a Springfield resident. “Their food is that good!”

Be sure to look for Firehouse Crabballs, LLC on Aug. 17 in Veterans Park. Pro tip: Get there early to avoid a long line!


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