Food Truck Profile: MamaBear’s Mac

MamaBear’s Mac, a food truck vendor from Batavia, Ohio will compete at the Seventh Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in September. This is the truck’s first time participating in the competition. Learn more about MamaBear’s Mac below.


Name: MamaBear’s Mac

Location: Batavia, Ohio

About: New Years 2018 I took a chance(age 54) and purchased a little 10 foot trailer already equipped as a “tiny” food trailer. May 18, 2018 we served our first time at a local brewery. I cooked each order in its own 8 inch skillet on a 3 burner, gas camp stove. November of 2018 we won the inaugural Mac and Cheese Throwdown by CityBeat Magazine. We beat 20 local restaurants. And so it began. January of 2019 I purchased a 14 foot food “truck” out of Tuscan, Arizona. Served with it for the entire year. Decided it still wasn’t large enough to expand our menu and was difficult to work in. We built our own truck locally with a new fabrication company.

Our new truck was completed in March of 2020 just as Ohio shut down due to Covid 19. We were terrified. Brand new truck and no jobs left to do. However we shifted gears, found places to set up through friends and got to work. Neighborhoods booked us all season to serve as well. It ended up being a great year and we met more people that we could have imagined. I love creating new dishes for people to enjoy. Comfort food is what we are all about. Made from scratch. Using fresh ingredients and specializing in Vermont flavors. Vermont Cheddar Mac is our classic. Fresh Bruschetta mac made with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. Made daily fresh crab cakes with our own cilantro lime aioli. We love to create new items for special events!


Facebook: MamaBear’s Mac

Twitter: @MamaBearsMac

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