Food Truck Profile: Nazca Peruvian Eats

Nazca Peruvian Eats, a food truck vendor from Columbus, Ohio will compete at the Seventh Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in September. This is the truck’s first time participating in the competition. Learn more about Nazca Peruvian Eats below.


Name: Nazca Peruvian Eats

Location: Columbus, Ohio

About: Nazca Peruvian Eats offers classic Peruvian dishes such as Pollo a la Brasa (roasted chicken) and Lomo Saltado (stir fried steak) accompanied with either our authentic Aji Verde (green sauce), Aji Amarillo (yellow sauce) or Chimichurri for the ultimate combination in richness and taste. Add your choice of rice, plantains, or yuca fries to complete your experience. You can also try one of our delicious starters like Taquenos (Peruvian cheese sticks), La Brasa Rolls (think southwest eggrolls Peruvian style) or a refreshing Chile Lime Hummus platter. The original fusion cuisine, created long ago by a melding of different cultures, Peruvian food is known for its bright, bold, citrusy flavors. 

Facebook: Nazca Peruvian Eats

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