Food Truck Profile: Rime Time Pops

Rime Time Pops, a food truck vendor from Columbus, Ohio will compete at the Seventh Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition Sept. 11.Learn more about Rime Time Pops below.

Popsicle Truck 5.28.20 - Cody Miller


Name: Rime Time Pops

Location: Columbus, Ohio

About: Rime Time Pops is a handcrafted popsicle company specializing in fresh and unique pops. We use local produce and specialty ingredients craft a one-of-a-kind ice pop! We have carts throughout the Columbus area and our truck makes local neighborhood stops. We are known for some of our more whimsical flavors such as Avacado, Peanut Butter + Jelly, Movie Night (half buttered popcorn and homemade Cola), Grahamberry Creamsicle (cinnamon blackberry outside and graham cracker cream inside) and Cookie Milk (local chocolate chip cookies steeped in sweet cream).


Facebook: Rime Time Curiously Crafted Pops

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