Food Truck Profile: Steak It Eazy

Steak It Eazy, a food truck vendor from Cincinnati, Ohio will compete at the Eighth Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition Aug. 20. This is the first time the truck will compete in the event. Learn more about Steak It Eazy below.


Name: Steak It Eazy

Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio

About: On the small, 52.2 square mile island of Vieques, on a white sand beach without a care in the world, the Steak It Eazy dream was born. Owner and Operator, Logan Gundolf rolled the dice with his retirement fund and took gambled on himself. Originally operating as a traditional brick-and-mortar, Logan soon felt the drive to take his steak house experience on the road and so drive is what Logan did. With a new direction and vision, the Steak It Eazy Catering and Food Truck hit the road, feeding Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Order up the “Mac Topped” featuring perfectly grilled filet steak tips atop the silky smooth white cheddar mac & cheese. Other delicious offerings include their juicy burgers and ribeye sandwiches.




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