Food Truck Profile: Wholly Smokes BBQ

Wholly Smokes BBQ, a food truck vendor from Springfield, Ohio will compete at the Eighth Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August. Learn more about Wholly Smokes BBQ below.

Trailer pic - Matthew Lowrie

Name: Wholly Smokes BBQ

Location: Springfield, Ohio

About: Wholly Smokes! That’s some good BBQ! We specialize in handcrafted, traditional wood fired meats and sides. Springfield, OH owned and operated! Our customer’s favorite menu items include our Angus Brisket, Famous Smoked Wings and our Bacon Crusted Smoked Mac& Cheese! We also believe in local community collaboration as much as possible; our featured menu items for the Springfield Food Truck Competition include our Thick Cut Bone-In Apple Butter Chops and Apple Butter Ribs using Clark Counties famous Enon Apple Butter that we handcraft into a mouth-watering glaze!

We will have online ordering live for the event as well where customers can browse our menu and order directly from our site. Please click here to order the day of the competition.


Facebook: Wholly Smokes BBQ

View Current Menu A special menu will be prepared for the competition.


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