Food Truck Profile: Just Jerks

Just Jerks, a food truck vendor from Cincinnati, Ohio will compete at the Eighth Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August Learn more about Just Jerks below.

Name: Just Jerks

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

About: Founded in September 2011, Enas Jerkmania was located in Springdale, Ohio, and was the brainchild of Ms. Ena’s sons Marlon and Ashford Hayles. In April of 2014 Enas Jerkmania launched Just Jerks Enas Jamaican Grill food truck. The Just Jerks food truck currently serves the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio market from March to November. Our customer favorite item is our Jamaican Rice Box where the can configure various combinations of deliciousness.


Facebook: Just Jerks Ena’s

View Current Menu — A special menu will be prepared for the competition.


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