Food Truck Profile: Childers’ Chimney Cakes

Childers’ Chimney Cakes, food truck vendor from Miamisburg, Ohio will join the food truck lineup at the Ninth Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August. Learn more about Childers’ Chimney Cakes below.


Name: Childers’ Chimney Cakes

Location: Miamisburg, Ohio

About: In 2016, the two of us (Devon and Sam) went backpacking through Europe for a month. We wound up in Prague, Czech Republic for a few days where we found an amazing treat that we had never seen before. Trdelnik/Trdlo is what they are called there, but in English, the best translation is a Chimney Cake.

Chimney cakes are a sweet dough cooked rotisserie style resulting in a bread like treat. Crispy on the outside and soft and delicate inside. Sugar caramelizes on the outside so we can adhere many different coatings including cinnamon sugar, Oreo, graham cracker, coconut and so on. This is the traditional way it is served. Since we’re Americans, we decided to embellish the heck out of it. We also serve them shaped as a cone and fill them with a whippy cheesecake with additional toppings and sauces such as strawberries, Nutella, blueberries, salted caramel, Oreo cookies and so much more!

Our staples on the menu are the Whipped O.G. and the Oreo Delight. The Whipped O.G. is coated in cinnamon sugar, inside lined with warm Nutella and filled with our whippy cheesecake with fresh strawberries. The Oreo Delight is coated in Oreo dirt, inside lined with chocolate sauce and filled with our whippy cheesecake with Oreo crumbles and a large Oreo wafer. We will also be serving two seasonal flavors that will be huge crowd pleasers. 

Facebook: Childer’s Chimney Cakes

View Menu Below — A special menu will be prepared for the competition.


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