Food Truck Profile: NAICCO Cuisine

NAICCO Cuisine, a food truck vendor from Columbus, Ohio will join the food truck lineup at the Ninth Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August. Learn more about NAICCO Cuisine below.


Name: NAICCO Cuisine

Location: Columbus, Ohio

About: NAICCO Cuisine is a Native American owned and operated food trailer that offers a one-of-a-kind menu consisting of exquisite Native American street food, traveling throughout Ohio to bring you savory favorites from various parts of Indian Country. The food trailer embodies what really makes the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) what it is, and that’s the people who personify NAICCO and what they do as a Native-focused agency in Ohio. Like many heartfelt Native American stories, NAICCO Cuisine began as a humble, grassroots effort stemming from the local Native community’s voice. Notably, NAICCO Cuisine is the first food trailer of its kind in the country.

Native American street food featured on NAICCO Cuisine’s menu includes:

  • Fry Bread (“River People” Family Recipe)
  • NDN Taco
  • NDN Taco Bowl
  • NAICCO Pocket Buffalo Burger



Twitter: @NAICCO1975

Click to View Menu



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