Food Truck Profile: Kore 4 Soul Kitchen

Kore 4 Soul Kitchen, a food truck vendor from Springfield, Ohio will join the lineup at the Ninth Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition in August.  Learn more about Kore 4 Soul below.

Name: Kore 4 Soul

Location: Springfield, Ohio

About: Kore 4 Soul Kitchen was birthed during the COVID pandemic by 4 friends, (Vernon & Sunna Bass; and Jamel & Nettie (Carter) Smith) and needed to find another way to raise funds for our nonprofit, Bass Smith Connection, because we weren’t able to host our events to raise scholarship monies for minorities college students. We began selling meals, soul food dinners to raise money to for our organization. We were intentional to sell our food on the southwest side of Springfield, hoping to bring some fun, light, levity and good food to a neighborhood that needed energy, positivity and opportunity for something good.

At the end of 2020, with our husbands retiring looming from law enforcement soon, we decided to make another investment in our community but specifically on the southwest side of Springfield. We formed a small black-owned business, Kore 4 Konnection, LLC DBA, Kore 4 Soul Kitchen. Building on what we started during the pandemic, we were intentional about investing in our southwest side neighborhood so we had a pergola and cement patio built. We also researched food trucks and purchased a 28 foot customized food truck to help compliment our new outdoor space! We host events on the patio throughout the year and sell our food. Our food truck specializes in homemade soul food, including, ribs, fish, chicken, greens and macaroni and cheese just to name a few items. Kore 4 Soul Kitchen, it’s SOUL Good!!! 

Facebook: Kore 4 Soul Kitchen

View Menu Below — A special menu will be prepared for the competition.


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