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  1. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the gourmet food truck challenge on Saturday. What a great thing to bring to Springfield. Based on the number of people I saw, I’d say it was a success. I hope you seriously consider having it again next year. In saying that, here are some suggestions I would offer to make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone. First, the trucks were way too close together. It was very difficult to figure out where lines were forming for each truck. Also because the trucks were so close together, it was very difficult to walk from one to the next as the crowds were very thick. I would suggest one, spreading them out more and two finding a bigger area to have this event such as the fairgrounds where there is plenty of room to spread out and set up ample seating for everyone. Second, I enjoyed the food very much. However there were so many choices and I wanted to try many of them but after one meal at a truck I was full. I would suggest to the truck vendors that maybe they make samplings of their most popular dishes so that at each truck you can get a sample plate, not a whole meal. This way each person can try many samples at many trucks and it might be easier for the vendors to get the lines of people through quicker if they are making smaller portions per order. These are just some thoughts I had and wanted to share with you. Thanks again for bringing this to Springfield. It was a real treat!

  2. I agree with katie Krupp, more room is needed, we had 4 adults and we were pushing a stroller, very difficult to get through the crowd, why not block off the 4 streets around City Hall for the day, plenty of room and parking.

  3. It would be a great addition to the food trucks to have art vendors. The Columbus food truck festival has arts and craft vendors as well. It adds a lot to their event; giving people something to do in between visiting food trucks. I am a Springfield resident and artist and would love to set up at something cool like this in Springfield, instead of always having to drive to Columbus for events.

  4. My family will pass on this event this year, just way too crowded, trucks too close, lines way too long, need to change venue for this.

  5. I went last year and hated it. Tried again this year because of changes. When we first arrived, very early in the day on Saturday, it wasn’t too bad but it didn’t take long for it to become too much! So I’m sorry, never again at this location. The park is just not big enough to accommodate the traffic and lines. I HATE the fact that you allow dogs. The ones I saw were big dogs that were eye level with toddlers carrying around food. In what world is this a good idea. Move it to the fairgrounds and don’t permit pets!

  6. I agree, it is a wonderful idea, but in a terrible location, we chose to stay away this year because of the confusion about lines and crowds, won’t ever go back until location is changed to make it family friendly.

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